Colds and Influenza

Flu and Diathermy

This flu season is shaping up to be very nasty. We received word from colleagues in Australia about how severe the flu strain was this year; and their warnings were right on the mark.

A number of patients in the practice have already developed bronchitis or viral pneumonia as a result of getting sick. And, I wanted to share their experiences with you.

One of these folks lives out of the Los Angeles area. She's a special case, because she has been hospitalized twice with severe asthma. I have treated her with diathermy for her lungs before. This time, after being diagnosed by her medical doctor with pneumonia, she went to a local chiropractor and told him how to use the diathermy and how long to apply it. She needed diathermy to both her adrenals and her lungs in order to recover. The lung diathermy clears the infection out of the lungs by bringing blood flow and white blood cells into the area. The adrenal diathermy supports and nourishes the adrenal glands, which are responsible for our immune responses and for maintaining homeostasis. In the convalescent period, adrenal diathermy restores your energy and gets you back on your feet more quickly. She really noticed the difference in her energy level after her adrenals were treated.

Another patient works in a health care environment and became quite ill with pneumonia. And, of course, he couldn't go to work and infect other patients with life-threatening conditions. We applied diathermy to his lungs, together with an herbal remedy, PulmaCo from Medi-Herb, and he experienced quite a fast recovery. I believe he only missed a couple of nights of work.

Two other patients sent in their experiences in their own words. One of them was very ill this year; the other, so far has escaped. But, she knows what to do since she has had experience with viral pneumonia previously. See the attached sheet for their wins.

I strongly recommend that you call our clinic at the first sign of the flu. With the proper treatment -- NVD, herbs and possibly diathermy -- hopefully, you can avoid the pneumonia. However, should the infection go into your lungs, we can still help you recover very quickly. I hope you stay well this winter, but if the 'bug' gets you, remember: We are your resource!


Case Study # 1

When I was working on my Masters and teaching full-time, I went to Doc Richards to have an adjustment treatment; but when she heard me coughing, she wanted to treat me for the cough. I stated "that the cough got worst at night when I ended up spiking a fever". She stopped me right there and then, and told me to sit up and let her listen to my lungs.

She diagnosed me with walking pneumonia and that was the first time I had diathermy. She treated me for three days straight, starting on Wednesday determining the amount of time I needed to lay on the heating pads. I was back to teaching after the weekend with no drugs.

This was seven years ago but unfortunately I did not recognize walking pneumonia last year when I let it go for too many months and by the time the doctor treated me I had probably had it for three months. She once again prescribed diathermy. And once again got me back on my feet again with the treatment and no drugs.

I am a firm believer that diathermy worked for me to recover from walking pneumonia and will attest to it. After two bouts of walking pneumonia, I for one will continue to use diathermy to help me recover from any other ailments Doctor Richards recommends should the need arise.

D.C. -- Kindergarten Teacher


Case Study # 2

I was diagnosed with Bronchial Pneumonia in my right lung in December 2007. I had not been able to sleep for more than twenty minutes at a time because of violent coughing - a residual of a virus. I used an over the counter cough suppressant and expectorant and an old Rx of Allegra (antihistamine) which gave me some help. I was also taking Echinacea, Vitamin C, and D-Hist. All were helpful, but I had to discontinue the cough syrup because it caused my heart to race. I could not stop coughing. I was exhausted and knew that if I didn't get help, I was only going to get worse. My husband was concerned that I would develop bacterial pneumonia.

Why didn't I go to an MD? After six weeks of battling bronchitis a year earlier, and after eight weeks of bronchitis on another occasion, both caused by a virus, my MD told me to go home and wait it out. I was ill for three months on one of those occasions. I was given no help at all. I saw no reason to waste money with my current virus by another visit to my MD. My MD also made me feel guilty for wasting his time with my petty complaints.

I did not look forward to being ill all through Christmas. I had already been ill for over two weeks.

I asked Dr. Richards if she had any help for my condition. She treated me with diathermy on my right lung and another treatment of diathermy immediately after for my adrenal glands. I did not think this would work. It sounded too simple. The diathermy was set to its lowest setting because I was so frightened of being cooked. Visions of cooked hamburger kept going through my mind during the treatment - nothing like that happened. The staff came in six times to check on my comfort. The treatment was comfortable and they managed it with me sitting in a plush chair since my back is too painful to lie on a table for long. Dr. Richards also gave me PlumaCo tablets.

To my relief and surprise, I slept several hours at one time that night. By the next day, I was coughing less. I slept through the night the second night after the diathermy. Five days later I was so much better that I thought about skipping my second diathermy treatment that had been scheduled, but my husband insisted that I keep it. After the second diathermy treatment, I recovered rapidly. Within a week, I had no remaining symptoms of the virus.

The next time my grandson passes on one of his school viruses, I will come in for Diathermy much sooner. There is no reason to suffer so long. My medical doctor offers me no help or symptom relief at all. I am convinced that Diathermy cut my recovery from this virus by more than half. It also relieved me from much exhaustion and suffering.

Thanks, Dr. Richards -- V. L.

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