If you are not local to the clinic, Dr. Richards does telephone consultations. Call the office for information.

Consult with Dr. Richards

Self-help is all very well; but, living in the "information age," it's very easy to get into information overload. Much of the information on the Internet has been available in the alternative health care community for many years. And, some of them have been discredited as ineffective. How will you know enough to make good choices?

The human body with its physiologic functions and malfunctions is extremely complex. The first challenge is to determine what's gone awry. Many of us don't fit the medical paradigm of "diagnosable" disease; yet, we are aware that our bodies are not working 100%.

Dr. Richards has almost 12 years of post-secondary education in the physiology of the human body, diagnosis (from a functional point of view) and treatment using only natural healing methods. Let her help you sort through your personal health concerns and get you started down the road to glowing health.

Optimum Wellness

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