Personalized Nutrition Program

Preventative medicine is gaining recognition as the cost of catastrophic health care escalates out of reach. It is much less expensive to prevent arteriosclerotic disease than it is to perform coronary bypass surgery, for example. Fortunately, we now know that the two leading causes of death in the US - cardiovascular disease and cancer - are diseases of lifestyle. That means you can positively affect your future by taking appropriate action now.

The question becomes: What actions do I personally need to take? That can only be determined from your personal biochemical profile. A multi-channel blood chemistry, blood typing, urinalysis, complete blood count and thyroid panel provides a wealth of information for a relatively low cost. When that data is analyzed in terms of optimum health, a picture emerges of what parts of your body need nutritional support and what lifestyle changes you can make to improve your own well-being. All this information is extracted at a pre-pathology stage, before you are desperately ill and conventional medical intervention becomes necessary.

From that data, Dr. Richards prepares a personalized written report, using a database containing years of research and clinical experience. The report takes into account your biochemical individuality and contains recommendations concerning your diet, your special nutritional needs and lifestyle changes you need to make.

You, too, can enjoy better health and vitality. You can reduce your risk of disabling degenerative disease and extend your productive years. Call the office today so that Dr. Richards can assist you in getting on the track to glowing health.

The nutritional quality of food produced in our modern technocracy is sub-standard in many cases. We cannot get sufficient nutrition from the foods we eat; this is a strong factor in many of our illnesses. Correcting nutritional levels is fundamental to restoring and maintaining wellness. Laboratory test results provide Dr. Richards with nutritional profiles on each patient.