Good Food Choices

Are We What We Eat?

"The human body evolved over millions of years, ingesting seeds, grains and plants containing certain complexes of nutrients. By the natural selection process of evolution, the body developed the mechanisms necessary to use these nutrients simultaneously, each one being essential in a chain of interactions. Only in this century has technology enabled us to make grain and cereal products that have been stripped of their nutrients. Such products have never occurred in nature, and therefore the body has never had the opportunity to develop mechanisms to deal with them. We have the same digestive system, the same biochemical system as our ancestors. Evolution is very slow. Perhaps in another hundred thousand years we could develop mechanisms that would enable us to survive on white flour carbohydrate. Today, we cannot." Michael Colgan, Visiting Scholar, Rockefeller University, (1982) The Kellogg Report, p. 42

Our food sources have been changed beyond all recognition. Professor Ross Hume Hall (1976:vil) Food for Nought, commented "Man can never be more than what he eats, and one would expect that a phenomenon with such profound effects on health and well-being as a radically changed system of supplying nourishment would be thoroughly documented and assessed by the scientific community. Such is not the case. The transformation has gone unmarked by government agencies and learned bodies." Ibid., p. 120

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