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The Dangers of Splenda

Have you ever wondered exactly what Splenda is made of? I know I have; and when I went looking out on the Web, the information wasn't readily available. Now, the news is out!

This week an article appeared under the headline "Lawsuits Over Splenda Marketing Campaign" through Reuters, a large news agency. The issue is misleading advertising. Johnson & Johnson's (J&J) marketing line is: "Splenda No Calorie Sweetener is made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar." Doesn't that make you think the product is like sugar?

The reality is that Splenda is an artificial chemical sweetener that is actually chlorinated. J&J's patented process replaces three hydrogen-oxygen groups with 3 chlorine atoms. In the process, a food is converted into a non-food. And, a toxic, non-food at that! Chlorine is one of the strongest oxidating agents. It forms free-radicals in the body and damages the mitochondria -- your intracellular energy factories. Remember, chlorine is used to sterilize water supplies!

Don't be misled: Splenda is not a natural, healthful product. But then, none of the artificial sweeteners on the market are.

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