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Holiday Season, Diathermy and Your Health

It's holiday season again! And, if you're like many of us, you'll be out and about much more -- exposing yourself to the various viruses that are circulating right now. There are at least two that I am aware of -- an upper respiratory infection, which often transforms into a nasty cough and viral pneumonia, and a stomach virus that involves vomiting and diarrhea.

In either case, I want to encourage you to make an appointment at the clinic for help with your symptoms -- or with your immune system to help you avoid getting ill.

With a respiratory infection, either in the early stages or once it has gone into your lungs, diathermy is a fabulous therapy that allows you to recover much more quickly. When you add the appropriate herbal remedy, recovery time is cut more than in half, in most instances.

For those of you unfamiliar with diathermy, you can find an extensive article discussing it on this site under "treatments. " If you don't have web access, call Amy and we will send you a copy. In essence, diathermy uses short wave radio waves to stimulate blood flow and white blood cell activity deep within the body. We use units with paddles (or pads) that maximize the effectiveness of this therapy. The drum type of unit (or the microwave type) simply doesn't have the same effect.

The best thing about diathermy is that it can be utilized for such a wide variety of health issues:

1. At the beginning of an illness, it speeds your recovery.

2. If you are convalescing and just can't seem to get your energy back, diathermy to the adrenal glands will help you bounce back much more quickly.

3. If you are overstressed and overtired (and we all know how stress depletes the immune system), again, adrenal diathermy will prevent you from getting sick.

4. A particularly popular application of diathermy in the clinic is for sinus infections. The relief from the pressure is remarkable and healing is speeded up. And, in this case, if you get the sinus infection handled, it won't go into your lungs and cause even bigger problems.

5. For people with severe allergic reactions, liver diathermy helps you recover much more quickly than the standard time of four to five days.

6. If you overindulge during the holidays, with either alcohol or fatty foods, liver diathermy will help your body deal with the overload.

7. For those of you who experience chronic bladder infections, diathermy is extremely helpful. It also helps clear up kidney infections with minimal side effects.

Finally, if you just don't feel well, and aren't sure what's wrong, make an appointment to get checked out. Either diathermy, meridian balancing -- or perhaps Neurovascular Dynamics (NVD) will be just the ticket to get you up and running, so that you can enjoy all your special events at this time of year.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the clinic.

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