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Is Your Doctor Dangerous to Your Health?

The most serious threat to the health of the American public is the number of doctors who know they can never get well! Do you find that statement shocking? It would be a simple truth if you were talking to someone versed in Eastern healing practices: acupuncture, Five Element Theory, chi qong, etc.

The most basic difference between traditional Eastern medicine and Western medicine is a philosophical viewpoint. At the basis of natural healing is the importance of the doctor's outlook and beliefs.

Take for example the healing technique known as "chi qong" whereby seemingly miraculous events occur: paralyzed limbs move, "incurable" conditions reverse, and some people have been reported to levitate. Is there any possible explanation? The word "chi" means life force, or life energy. It is that intangible something that keeps every cell in your body working, for as long as you are alive. "Qong" simply means enthusiasm. In essence, the doctor heals by means of his life force and his enthusiasm (or belief) in the possible results. Intriguing, isn't it?

If we follow this through to its logical conclusion, we could say that healing is affected by the enthusiasm of both the patient and the doctor! And, that the doctor's enthusiasm is vital. Now, that has some pretty startling implications.

Think, if you will, for a moment about doctors trained in the Western medical model. From their textbooks, they know what to label your disease. From those same textbooks, they also know the "inevitable" course of the disease and, in many instances, the "fact" that it is incurable. Do you think they have any room to consider that you might, in fact, heal? How many times have you or someone you loved been given a prescription with the expectation that you will take that drug for the rest of your life? Behind that prescription is the assumption that your condition will never change: you will never get well! Common examples include asthma medications, cardiovascular drugs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Given that all of these drugs are toxic (they all have serious side effects), what healthy person would take them for the rest of their lives?

In Eastern medicine, the approach is very different. The patient is important, not the name of her disease. For example, did you realize that by evaluating the body's meridian system it is possible to identify a pre-malignant condition? And, reverse it before the pathology develops! Of course, that's one of those outcomes you could never design a double-blind study to test. If the treatment is effective, cancer would not develop. And, is it ethical to allow a person to develop cancer if you have a possibility of stopping it in its tracks? So, instead of treating a disease, the patient is brought back into balance, restoring health.

I have come to believe very strongly that the most serious threat to the health of the American public is the number of doctors trained to know that they can never get well.

I was particularly made aware of this when my nephew was in the Neurology Intensive Care Unit a few years ago. None of the medical personnel could imagine him well. They all "knew" he would be unable to breathe on his own, for the rest of his life. Thank God that I "knew" differently! At least, I could entertain the possibility that the condition could reverse. And, it did. [see Celebrate a Miracle]

I had my mentors' and teachers' words ringing in my ears. Where will we find teachers to inspire enthusiasm and hope in our next generation of doctors? Chiropractic schools are teaching students to be low back pain mechanics; medical schools are teaching students to be whole body mechanics. I fear that the American cultural bias toward "scientifically reproducible" procedures is destroying the very essence of what health and healing is all about.

This is the largest reason why I have made a commitment to teach. Doctors have to be aware of what's possible before they can begin to help people get well.

Do yourself a favor. Seek out a doctor who believes in the body's nearly infinite healing potential. And, a doctor who is well-qualified in a variety of natural healing techniques. Give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy radiant optimum health. Contact the RFHC and make an appointment with Dr. Richards. Begin your journey to wellness.

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