Weight Loss

Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss - Is It Even Possible?

(This is an update of an article first published in 2001)

Ultra Meal™ is a medical food, suitable as a meal replacement or for weight-loss/maintenance programs. Ultra Meal™ has been studied in comparison to over-the-counter products, specifically, Ultra Meal™, and the results are very interesting. The Ultra Meal™ program, which was supervised by a doctor, lasted 10 weeks and consisted of 2 meal replacements per day, with one low-calorie meal of lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruit, with mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks of fresh fruit or vegetables. The Ultra Meal™ program was also 10 weeks, but was unsupervised, with no direction as to behavior and diet modification or exercise.

The results are enlightening: 64% of the Ultra Meal™ group completed the full 10 weeks; whereas, only 42% of the other group saw the program through to the end. In those who completed the program, differences in endpoint data were analyzed. Both groups lost weight; however, the most striking difference between them was that the Ultra Meal™ group lost a significant loss of weight as body fat, while the Ultra Meal™ group lost the majority of their weight from muscle protein, not body fat. The Ultra Meal™ group actually wound up with a higher ratio of body fat to lean muscle mass than before starting on the program.

The other notable difference between the two groups was that the Ultra Meal™ group showed a significant increase in thyroid stimulating hormone levels through the course of the program and indicating suppression of thyroid function while on the meal replacement. The Ultra Meal™ group thyroid stimulating hormone levels remained normal. It is generally recognized that the inclusion of high quality, bio-available protein in a weight loss program minimizes the risk of neuroendocrine disturbances. A number of studies have confirmed that extremely low calorie diets induced a decrease in thyroid function. It is the body's adaptation to a starvation state and conservation of what calories are available.

My take on this research is that Ultra Meal™ is superior to any over-the-counter product because it allows for weight loss without loss of muscle mass. It also does not alter thyroid function, making it easier initially to lose excess body fat and then to keep it off. Since you will have decreased your total percentage of body fat, you will also have an easier time maintaining your weight reduction.

I have an article from the Journal of Nutritional Medicine in my office containing all the data and references. If you would like all the details, send a SASE with the request for the "weight loss article" to the office, and we'll send you a copy.

At the Clinic, we are instituting a guided program to help you achieve your ideal weight. The program includes healthy, nutritious foods and herbal support to encourage your success.

So, if you're looking for a safe, proven weight loss program, make an appointment for a consultation. We have a limited number of appointments for participants in the program. On the other hand, if you simply need a quick, easy nutrition rich meal for breakfast or lunch, give us a call and order Ultra Meal™. A 14 serving container currently costs $31.

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