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Here We Go Again!!!

Have you seen the latest “health news”? Women should limit weight gain in pregnancy, due to an increase in obesity in toddlers! Pregnancy Weight Linked to Heavy Kids

PLEASE!!! In the first place, we’ve heard all of this before. In the 1970?s, the American obstetrical community became concerned about women gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Some pregnant women were even put on diets! The result: A dramatic increase in retardation in newborns. It took only about 5 years for that recommendation to die a much-deserved death.

But now, we’re at it again. From what I read, no one has considered that overweight mothers feed their families diets that contribute to weight gain. Besides which, the standards for obesity are the already discredited Body Mass Index figures. Unfortunately, the fact that they are discredited is not widely known. (see my article “Body Mass Index Invalid”, under the heading Blog on this site) Instead, we have invalid standards being imposed in ways that are potentially dangerous.

My recommendation: Worry about your weight after your baby is born. Make sure that you eat a well-balanced diet, plenty of protein and take high-quality, mercury-free fish oil supplements, as well as a good quality pre-natal vitamin. When your baby is born, breast-feed and continue your supplements. This will give your baby the best start in life and will help you to lose weight naturally. Finally, feed your family a well-balanced, whole food diet. Avoid processed foods and soda and you will be miles ahead of the average American.

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