The Pancreatic Cancer Scourge

The recent death of Patrick Swayze hit me hard. He was younger than I, and has always seemed to me to be a person who stood up for honor and integrity. But, what hit me hardest was how unnecessary it was. The second hit for me was an oncologist praising Swayze’s two-year survival after diagnosis as an “achievement.” Why did I find that so upsetting? Read on, I think you’ll agree.

Current medical practice mandates aspirin for anyone who has “risk factors” for heart disease. Just being older and male is now a risk factor, and almost all men over the age of 40 are now prescribed a daily aspirin. Seems harmless, doesn’t it? The truth, however, is far different.

As I pointed out years ago, the Nurses’ Longitudinal Health Study clearly showed an enormous increase in the risk for pancreatic cancer with aspirin use. And, it didn’t even have to be daily! An aspirin once or twice a week increased the risk 58%. (See my article An Aspirin A Day Can Give You Cancer for more details.)

Have you heard anything about these appalling statistics? I think not, because the information was quickly buried. Why would people be encouraged to take a substance that causes an incurable disease? Why are these facts being ignored? I have my own opinion — particularly in light of the fact that vitamins and herbs (safe, natural substances) are continually characterized as “dangerous” and “deadly.”

I believe that the drug companies are criminally responsible for the deaths of millions of people — particularly when they ignore data from their own studies. Protect yourself and your family. Question every drug that is prescribed. Look up potential side effects. If you’re not clear, make an appointment to consult me regarding your health condition and learn what alternatives are available. And remember: What we hear in the media and read on the internet is heavily filtered by drug company interests, particularly on sites like WebMD.

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