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Important Information on Prop 37 

Byline: October 18, 2012

I am attaching to this email information I received from a concerned client regarding Prop 37, the food labeling initiative. I was unaware of the import of this legislation until I received a political ad dissing Dr. Mercola for supporting it. I immediately sat up and took notice, since I respect Dr. Mercola.
The law is designed to allow you to determine which products are genetically altered, so that you can avoid them. I personally lean Libertarian and believe, in general, that we have too much government interference. However, Monsanto and the big food producers are rapidly altering our food supply beyond recognition. Monsanto, in particular, genetically modifies basic food stuffs and then patents the results.  It is then illegal for farmers to keep some of their crops for the next season as seed, because they are violating Monsanto's patents. In the 3rd World, subsistence farmers are being forced to buy new seed every year, because many of these modified crops will not germinate. As a result, millions of people face starvation.
Please watch the video and decide for yourself whether or not you want more disclosure as to what you are feeding yourself and your family. Below is the text of the email I received:
This is a link to the infamous video supporting the Prop 37 labeling of genetically modified foods proposition coming up for a vote in November in California. yanked the video... I assume because various corporations complained.
The video points out that 50 countries require labeling of these GMO products...which have been shown in various studies to cause cancer along with other nasty things in rats, and no doubt in people.
The video singles out Whole Foods markets as publicly supporting Prop 37...and not giving a dime to support it. All the opponents of Prop 37 have been corporations, Monsanto, etc. and not one individual. They've raised $32 million bucks. The supporters of Prop 37 have raised $3 million. The opponents are doing their best to confuse the issues.
Anyway, if you're not interested in the upcoming vote...or don't care about the issue...don't watch the video. I obviously believe the information is worth knowing something about, and am sending it to California residents, whom I know, that I think might be interested. If I've sent it to you by mistake, just delete it.
If you think the video is worthwhile, please send it on to people you think might be interested too.
Over 90% of people when polled want GMOs to be labeled on food..."

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