Alternative Health Care

Protect Your Access to Health Care

Have you been paying attention to the information coming out about the Health Care Plan as people have the opportunity to read the bill?

This morning (July 28, 2009), I heard something horrifying. The bill contains provision for a 5-person panel of unelected “health care experts” who will determine what health care services are provided under the government plan and what doctors will be paid for those services. This is alarming for a number of reasons:

1) These unelected officials do not have to be doctors, nor will they be accessible to the wishes of the American public.

2) Your doctor will not be able to choose the best treatment for your health condition, because the particular treatment will be mandated based upon cost, and perceived benefit. If you are too elderly or too ill, your treatments will be denied. The new talking point is that 25% of all health care costs are spent on the elderly who, after all, are going to die anyway. So, it’s a waste of resources.

3) Access to alternative care is not currently included in this plan. So, if you value true, health-building options, they will not be available to you. And, with the increased taxes needed to fund this enormous power-grab by the government, even if the law permits private fee-for-service arrangements, none of us may be able to afford it. Not to mention the fact that the plan as originally presented did not include alternative care. I don’t know what the status is currently; and, like everyone else, I can’t get a straight answer out of my Representative’s office. I suspect that is because nobody really knows.

4) The mechanism of this panel is that they will present their pronouncements on health care to Congress, which will have 30 days to object. After that 30-day period, whatever new restrictions have been promulgated will automatically become law. The kicker in this is that it gives our elected representatives “cover.” If their constituents are unhappy, they can simply protest that they had no power over whatever is objectionable.

5) Finally, and perhaps most alarmingly, is the extraordinarily complicated bureaucracy imposed by this boondoggle. What has been your personal experience at the U.S. Post Office or the Department of Motor Vehicles? Cheer up! That experience is coming soon to a health care facility near you.

I don’t believe it is possible to overstate the dangers of this legislation. So, I urge you to make your voice heard. Contact your Representative and Senators. Sign on-line petitions opposing the plan. (see, as well as, at the top of the page.) Don’t sit on the sidelines. Time is short and our freedom of choice is at stake.

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