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Rehmannia Complex - a Better Choice than Cortisone for Pain Control?

As promised, I wanted to tell you more about the herbs I have been studying. In particular, I am very impressed with Rehmannia Complex Phytosynergist (RCP). For those of us with auto-immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, this product is really a God-send. It contains the following herbs:

1. Rehmannia root which is an adrenal tonic and trophorestorative (i.e., it feeds and nourishes the adrenal glands), an adaptogen, an antipyretic (it fights fever), and an anti-inflammatory.
2. Hemidesmus root which is an immune suppressant which has anti-edema and anti-inflammatory properties.
3. Bupleurum root which is anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective.
4. Feverfew leaf which is an anti-inflammatory.

Since auto-immune conditions are caused by a derangement in the immune system, these herbs directly impact the underlying cause of the disorder. In fact, the adrenal glands are responsible for immune regulation and Rehmannia rebuilds the adrenals, allowing your immune system to function more normally. Dr. Bone, of Medi-Herb, will only say that RCP is palliative, i.e., it reduces symptoms. He does not represent that it will cure auto-immune conditions. I do not want to contradict him; however, I find that it actually improves adrenal function and makes auto-immune conditions much less acute.

RCP was represented as being as effective as cortisone in eliminating pain. I wanted to try it out before I recommended it, and I am so impressed that I wanted everyone to know what a fabulous result I personally have had. It reduced my body pain by 80% after 4 days of use. I then missed a dose. Within 24 hours my body pain recurred. I then took it religiously for approximately 30 days, and when I again missed a dose, I did not experience the flare-up I did after 4 days. I was actually improved and the improvement continued for about 8 weeks. I am now going to resume taking the RCP, since my fibromyalgia symptoms have gradually returned. However, isn't that exciting? Something that actually deals with fibromyalgia pain! I also experienced an increase in energy and improved mood and outlook and being out of pain will do that for you!

If you suffer with auto-immune symptoms, particularly joint or body pain, I recommend you try RCP for at least 30 days to see what it does for you.

Of course, as with other herbal products, quality control is everything. Medi-Herb continues to be the herbal source I look to for myself and my patients. In Australia, Medi-Herb is a pharmaceutical company and must meet stringent standards of batch testing, documentation and control. Dr. Bone (the founder of Medi-Herb) is passionate about herbal therapy and is a practicing herbalist himself. I have enclosed a brochure which informs you of the issues which are important in quality herbal supplements.

As you may know, I have used various herbs for years. However, I can honestly say that I have never experienced the degree of clinical success with herbs that I have seen since beginning to use Medi-Herb products about a year ago. The improvement in my clinical results has convinced me that a quality product and ethical manufacturer are the only way to insure good results.

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