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Fish Oils Supplements Vital During Pregnancy

This is a huge win for all pregnant women and their babies. FINALLY, it has been demonstrated that babies born to women who take fish oil supplements in the last trimester of pregnancy have better neurological development.

The study (performed in Australia) found a significant advance in hand-eye coordination among toddlers whose mothers took fish oil supplements during the second half of pregnancy compared with those who did not.

There was also improvement in brainpower and vocabulary among children exposed to fish oil supplements in the womb, says the study published on Thursday online in the medical journal Archives of Disease in Childhood. And, as an added benefit, mother's who took fish oil supplements had lower blood pressure and a lowered incidence of post-partum depression.

I have only been giving fish oil supplements to pregnant and nursing mothers for 20 years! Two caveats, however: Do not take cod liver oil for this purpose. Cod liver oil is higher in vitamins D and A than in Omega 3 oils, which are what are needed for brain development. And, be certain of the quality of your fish oil supplements. The product should be certified mercury-free. The products we carry at the RFHC meet stringent quality requirements.

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