Swine Flu Vaccine Alert

This morning, October 9, 2009, a comment on the news made me perk up and listen.

It seems that the swine flu vaccine contains mercury. If you want mercury-free vaccine, you have to make a special request. Not only do you have to request it, but you have to wait, because it isn’t yet available.

Why is this a worry? Because flu vaccine that contains mercury represents an enormous risk to your mental acuity. A study done by Hugh Fudenburg, MD, a leading immunogeneticist who has published some 850 peer-reviewed papers, revealed “If an individual had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980, the chances of Alzheimer’s Disease was 10 times greater than for those getting . . . no shots.” (Fudenburg, H MD, Hazards of vaccines. J Clin Investigation, vol 4, P 97-105, 2000)

I think this information is serious enough to warrant wide dissemination. However, when I brought the statistic up to Dr. Rosenfeld on Fox News, who has a segment called “Sunday House Call” and who is a passionate advocate of vaccination, his response was “The CDC doesn’t acknowledge that study. It’s meaningless.” My questions: Why doesn’t the CDC acknowledge statistics that are so alarming? Is there something operating behind the scenes of which we are unaware? It has already come to light that the CDC is susceptible to political pressure. (Example: the inaccuracy of the Body Mass Index. See my article “Body Mass Index Invalid” for the details)

Of the greatest concern to me about the “nasal mist” swine flu vaccine is that it contains live, attenuated virus. Yikes! This is the same type of preparation that was outlawed in the 1990s for causing polio in the U.S. My nephew was a victim of that vaccine. Furthermore, a live vaccine — even if attenuated — has the ability to incorporate itself into our genes. That was one of the primary objections of virologists (scientists who study viruses) when the concept of live-virus vaccines was first introduced in the 1950s. Their voices were quickly drowned out by the flood of funding for research and marketing of vaccines. We now see the end result: government backing of a flood of potentially toxic vaccines. Furthermore, you inhale this mist, providing a direct route for the mercury to travel to your brain via the olfactory nerve. This mechanism was demonstrated in Alzheimer’s research (see my article “Aluminum Toxicity” for more information).

The only solution that I see is to avoid vaccines. They all have side effects. Documented side effects of influenza vaccine include Guillain-Barre syndrome, which demyelinates the peripheral nerves, pleurisy, fever and illness. It is very difficult to find documentation regarding vaccine side effects, since the drug companies suppress this information. A good resource for more on this topic is Dr. Tim O’Shea (TheDoctorWithin) who wrote an excellent book The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is NOT Immunization. In 2008, it was in its 12th edition, and there may be a newer version available, so I recommend you order the book directly from his web site.

In addition, many others are raising warnings about the dangers of this vaccine (“Is The Swine Flu Vaccine Dangerous?“) Even some medical doctors have come forward and acknowledged that this vaccine may be more dangerous than the illness, which is relatively mild and self-limiting. Unfortunately, I have only heard these comments on the radio, but was not able to provide you an internet link.

Educate yourself; protect yourself and your family. Become an informed health care consumer. If you do become ill, call the office for a treatment to boost your immune system and shorten your convalescence. (See “Avian Flu” on this blog for more info) We also have herbs that specifically target the influenza virus. You can begin taking Medi-Herb St. John’s Wort (2 per day) immediately for prophylaxis. I also recommend 2 Echinacea Premium daily to up-regulate your immune vigilance.

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