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Urgent Health Care Alert!

This just came across my desk. It is a chart of the new bureaucracies created by the proposals currently on the table in Congress – an ObamaCare nightmare!

Obama's Health Care

Obama's Health Care Bureaucracy

Although not entirely legible (enlarging it doesn’t help), there are some things you should know. It was compiled by economists on the House Joint Economic Committee, who went through the legislation line by line and spotlighted all the new agencies created by this bill. They then went through the bill a second time just to make sure this chart is accurate.

The color white represents existing agencies. All of the colored squares are new bureaucracies created by the legislation. Scary, isn’t it? The language of the bill may be legalistic gobbledy-gook, but in this case, a picture is worth a million words!

Even worse, the Democratic majority in Congress is preventing the dissemination of this chart – calling it “inaccurate.” They know the chart presented at the time President Clinton was trying to introduce national health care meant the end of the bill. And, that chart looks like a walk in the park compared to this maze.

Do your part. Share this information with everyone you know and encourage everyone to deluge Congress with faxes, emails and phone calls. Overwhelming members of Congress with our objections is our only hope of stopping this nightmare.

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