Vitamins and Cancer

Vitamins and Cancer

On April 2, 2012 on the Fox morning news, I saw an interview that raised red flags for me. I'd like to share my concerns. The gentleman was an oncologist and was being interviewed regarding ways to avoid getting cancer. The headline of the segment was "Do vitamins give you cancer?" The doctor's advice was minimal, to say the least: exercise regularly, lose weight, reduce stress and, above all, don't take vitamins since studies indicate they give you cancer. He cited no studies, nor did he give any examples. It seemed that the entire point of the segment was to make vitamins suspect. When asked whether or not sugar was a problem with cancer, his answer was to the effect of "everything in moderation."

I have several problems with this "news" segment.

  1. There is a very recent study in Nature, 29 March 2012, which explicitly states that at least 90% of preclinical cancer research studies published in science journals are not reproducible, and are therefore wrong.
  2. It is well known that cancer cells are obligate sugar metabolizers. Therefore, eating sugar is like throwing gasoline on a bonfire.
  3. There is no evidence that exercising reduces the incidence of cancer. In fact, aerobic exercise increases the concentration of free radicals (oxygen ions) in your blood stream and increases the body's need for anti-oxidants to absorb and detoxify them.
  4. Given the pace of modern life and the challenges we all face, reducing stress is good advice, but difficult to accomplish.
  5. By targeting vitamins as carcinogenic, my concern is that this kind of misinformation is setting the stage for regulation of vitamins under the national health care scheme currently being devised by bureaucrats. We know vitamins are not covered; now, I fear, they will be banned. The pharmaceutical companies have long had this as an international goal. Europe has already instituted Codex Alimentarius.

So far, in America, we have escaped. However, there is a concerted propaganda campaign to mold public opinion. If the public can be brain washed, then vitamins can be controlled; and those of us who depend upon them will be out of luck. My advice is that, whenever you see or hear this sort of propaganda, you raise a ruckus with the station or media outlet involved. We need to be vigilant in protecting what few health care rights we have left.

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