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Holistic Weight Loss for Both Women and Men [and guys have an advantage, which really isn't fair!]

There's a very good reason why diet after diet fails you. Why you can't seem to lose weight and keep it off no matter how hard you try. If you would really love to be one, two, or several dress sizes slimmer, without starving yourself, running to the gym every day, or going on yet another fad diet, then let me reveal why famous, hyped, fad diets and heavily advertised gimmick "magic" products do not work, and exactly what you can do to achieve real lasting weight loss, make real lifestyle change–and enjoy better health, feel more youthful, and have more vibrant energy.

The weight loss success that has eluded you time and again can finally be "real" for you. A healthy, better looking body CAN be yours, without torturing yourself, without eating grapefruit and eggs every day for two months, without having to bring an extra pair of pants to work with you in case you have an "accident" from taking the latest fat blocking program . . . (I'm not kidding–the instructions printed on the latest heavily advertised weight loss program, Alli™ , strongly suggest that you bring along a spare pair of underwear and pants in case embarrassing staining problems occur while on their product. And you want to follow that program?)

If you've tried diet after diet, lost weight and then gained it all back plus some extra, or just haven't been able to lose weight, it's probably NOT YOUR FAULT. Were you aware that most people gain all their weight back, plus 10% when they stop dieting? It's because when you lose muscle mass, you don't burn calories as readily, and you just pack on the fat. This is part of the reason your dieting efforts have been doomed from the start. But I promise you, you CAN speed up a lazy metabolism, burn body fat, change your fat to muscle ratio, lose inches where it counts . . . it is ALL possible–with a sensible holistic approach. Regardless of how many diets you've tried and given up on in the past.

Why All The Weight Loss Products, Diets, Pills and Gimmicks You've Tried Have Failed You

What I see in the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry is very disturbing to me. Aside from the fact that the industry has a vested interest in keeping you "fat" and wanting to continuously lose weight, there are several other factors that keep you from winning the weight loss battle.

1. The Unhealthy, the Ridiculous, and the Outrageous: Each heavily promoted diet after the next promises that you'll lose a gazillion pounds by eating one or two magic foods–the grapefruit and egg diet (yucko!), the soup diet (even worse), the Beverly Hills diet, the steak and potatoes diet, the kiwi diet–or buy their very expensive pre-packaged foods. Any of these may temporarily help you lose weight, but once you stop eating the 2 magic foods a day, or start eating real food, the weight comes roaring back! And heaven forbid if you "cheat," or if you're so hungry that you go on an eating binge, and feel guilty. Not to mention that many of these "diets" are truly unhealthy if you use them for any length of time, because your body is deprived of essential nutrients it needs.

2. The Impossibly Complicated: Diets that require strict calorie counting, carb counting, food exchange counting, food combining, or any other careful calculations–ones that pretty much rule out eating in restaurants, or require you to eat "rabbit food" just don't work because it would take superhuman, iron willed self-discipline to stick to them. They are NOT realistic. So everyone runs out and gets the next greatest star diet book, sees that its full of charts and mathematical equations . . . and that book winds up gathering dust with the dozen other books just like it. If you follow our recipes and guidelines, the calorie counting takes care of itself.

3. Sabotaging Your Own Weight Loss: Most diets that restrict calories do so at the expense of healthy fats and protein. This is particularly true of Slim Fast™ and other liquid diets. [See for my article on Healthy Weight Loss]. The result: your body cannibalizes your muscles for the proteins that it needs to make neurotransmitters and signaling hormones. These are the small polypeptides that your hypothalamus and pituitary use to tell your endocrine system how to work. As a result, you start craving real food, return to your former eating habits, and sabotage your weight loss!

4. The Dangerous Drugs, "Magic Pills", or "Solutions": Look, if there was a pill that let you eat all the pizza and ice cream you wanted, that burned off fat while you slept, that made you lose weight without exercising at all . . . and was healthful, I'd be the first one to tell you about it! But these advertisements are all lies, and they are dangerous to boot. Some of these "magic pills" contain stimulants, herbs that are unregulated and untested, some even contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine! If you have any physical problems like diabetes or hypertension or any number of other health problems, some of these so-called solutions can put you at great risk, physically.

Are You Ready for a Serious, Legitimate, Honest, Weight Loss Program that Really Works, Based on a Sound, Holistic Care Model?

A number of you have been after me for years to put together a weight loss program that made sense. Well, I listened to you, I researched, and here it is! However, be advised, if you are still watching infomercials and signing up for a month's free "food," or still looking for that magic pill cure-all, then this program is NOT for you, and you should definitely NOT respond to this letter.

Side Effects of Dr. Richards' Holistic Weight Loss Program:

1. Lower Blood Pressure*
2. Lower Cholesterol*
3. Improved Digestion
4. Better Sleep (reduced snoring)
5. Less Fatigue
6. More Energy
7. Improved blood sugar control, help for glucose intolerance*

*If diagnosis reveals these kinds of health needs, your personal health situation will be thoroughly discussed with you.

Not Just the Weight . . . the Inches, too!

You may be motivated to lose weight for health reasons. Very good. But chances are that you are concerned about your appearance too. Not liking how you look in your clothes, noticing that extra tummy roll. But there's GOOD NEWS! Healthy weight loss includes the conversion of fat into muscle so you lose the unsightly bulges, you improve body shape, you drop dress sizes, and you look younger and healthier. To insure that you are losing unhealthy fat and retaining muscle mass, simple weigh-ins are not enough. After all, muscle weighs more than fat, and as you convert body fat to lean muscle, the scale may not tell the whole story. You must also measure the ratio of body fat to muscle. And so we do! Body fat percentage and fat/muscle ratios can be easily measured with a simple quick diagnostic test which is part of this program. Bye-bye flab!

Coleus Forskolii: The New Herbal Secret Weapon

Coleus Forskolii, which is in our herbal product Coleus Forte™ , is a miracle worker! In addition to helping your body burn fat, it lowers your blood pressure, improves your blood sugar by increasing insulin secretion, replaces body fat with muscle mass, inhibits platelet activation (less clots), increases the strength of contraction of your heart, (while relaxing smooth muscle), and improves thyroid function. The reason for these wide ranging effects is that Coleus acts directly to increase cyclic AMP, a major regulator of cellular metabolism. The dose is two to three per day, based upon your response to the product. A few people experience loose bowels, which can be handled by reducing the dose.

Of course, you will have to watch your portion size and eliminate sugar and white flour (i.e., decrease refined carbohydrates in general). But, that's just a healthy approach to eating. The only people who can't take Coleus Forte™ are those whose blood pressure is too low to start with (people with severe adrenal problems) and those few people who find their gut becomes too irritable. In my office, that's less than 1% of the people who have tried it so far.

And you'll be happy to know that Coleus Forskolii is an integral part of our program to ensure your weight loss success.

What About the Cost?

This is a supervised, managed care program, with diagnostic testing for those patients who have health conditions, or who are new to the practice. Obviously it is not the price of a six pack of Slimfast™ . If you are not tired enough of "magic pills," diets that don't work, and gimmicks, and not ready to make a serious commitment to really losing weight and inches and keeping it off, then this program is not for you. Because each program member will be having a slightly different program, the cost will vary; however, you will be pleasantly surprised with the fee. Your individual plan will be discussed with you during your initial consultation visit. After that, when you have all the facts, you can make that decision for yourself.

Limited Number of Slots Available for Dr. Richards' Holistic Weight Loss Program

What Should You Do Next? Call the office and schedule your initial consultation/evaluation. Blood and diagnostic testing will be needed for new patients and for patients who have known existing health conditions, so we can make sure we track your changing requirements. For existing patients, this may not be needed.

Our first meeting will last between 15 to 30 minutes. Then, I will review your situation, and we will put together your personalized customized eating and nutrition plan. Every 2 weeks after that, you will come to the office for a 5 minute weight and body fat measurement. Every 6 weeks you will meet with me, and we will go over your progress or any problems you need to address.

Note to patients with special needs, diabetics, inflammatory conditions, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, adrenal and other problems: This program will be specifically tailored to your special needs, so it is safe and effective.

Note to the men in our practice: This letter was written mainly to the women in my practice because women are usually more concerned about weight loss than men. But, I have Great News for Guys–you lose weight easier and faster than the ladies! And, this program will help you maintain your muscle mass. (As previously stated, most of the other weight loss programs cause you to lose muscle mass.)

Extra Goodies You Will Receive on this Program:

1. Recipes that are easy to prepare and really do taste delicious.
2. Eat Out at Restaurants? No Worries! You'll get a list of what you can eat.
3. Shopping List. This may seem silly, but it really helps to shop for the things that will be helpful for your weight loss goals. We make it easy.
4. Metagenics First Line Therapy Weight Loss Guide.
5. List of things it is OK to snack on.
6. If you do get off course, don't worry, the Food Police won't show up at your door. But we can help you get back on track and winning again.
7. We have a natural, non-drug, non-stimulant, tasty appetite suppressant available, if you'd like to try it out.

If this is the year you decided to take better care of yourself, or this is the year you've really gotten sick and tired of empty weight loss promises, give us a call at 626.963.1678 and schedule that initial consult now. You and your loved ones will be glad you did!

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