Digestive Problems

Stomach and Intestinal Health

Problems with your stomach and intestines affect your entire body

Digest this
Many people think their GI system is healthy. Unfortunately, they are often wrong!

Take the following assessment to determine your gastrointestinal status. If you have any of the following concerns, you may benefit from a GI restoration program.
> Low energy levels
> Occasional negative moods
> "foggy" thinking
> Joint problems
> Food allergies
> Immune system problems
> Irritable bowel syndrome
> Occasional abdominal discomfort
> Poor complexion/skin
> Difficulty gaining or maintaining a healthy weight
> Poor digestion
> Poorly formed stools
> Occasional irregularity
> Dark urine

A thought to chew on
The condition and function of your GI system strongly impacts vitality and overall health

GI Restoration Program
A program you can swallow

1 Removing Offending substances and organisims from the gut. Namely, eliminate allergens by using an elimination diet. In addition, unhealthy organisms need to be identified via stool test.

2 Replacing Digestive enzymes an dstomach acid where necessary

3 Reinoculating The bowel with healthy bacteria critical to GI healthe immune function, and digestion

4 Regenerating The GI mucosa through proper nutritional support

Does this apply to you? If so, see our information on Consultations.


Do you have a solid foundation for optimal health?
Digestion Questionnaire

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Improve Your Intestinal Health
Dysbiosis Questionnaire

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GERD Medications
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Case Profile

I just got a bonus in my new job and I am writing to thank you. A year ago I could never have held a full-time job, much less out-performed younger people. I had little stamina and had trouble breathing.

Your evaluation disclosed that I had severe allergies, as well as Candida. Over the course of the past year, following your instructions, I eliminated polyester from my wardrobe and bedding, as well as other allergy-related substances, filtered my air and water, eliminated the Candida through a combination of diet and homeopathic treatment and, of course, received regular treatment in the office.

Today, I breathe normally. Also those nasty headaches are a thing of the past. I know how I feel is up to me, so with your guidance and my determination to feel better I have a great second half of my life to live.

Thank you very much for your incomparable counseling and treatment. I know I can say this for many, you have "saved" more than one of us. --Gratefully, CD

These are the experiences that make my practice worthwhile. Actually many of us are allergic to polyester, yet, it is the ubiquitous "hypoallergenic" substance. Don't be misled. Polyester pillows can cause as many problems as feather and down. If you have intractable asthma or recurrent respiratory infections, be sure you get tested for chemical allergies, as well as the "common" offenders. --Dr. Richards