Men's Health

Erectile Dysfunction
Although erectile dysfunction is a common experience of men in over 50, it was the unmentionable topic until a pharmaceutical became available to "treat" the condition. Once Viagra(tm) was approved for use by the FDA, the unmentionable became table conversation. more...

Peyronie's Syndrome
This condition is very disfiguring and causes a great deal of emotional pain and anxiety for men who are affected by it. The condition is one of scarring of the penis (the corpus cavernosum, to be exact) and replacement of the normal erectile tissue with scar tissue. There is also contracture of the supporting fascia, resulting in retraction of the genitalia. more...

Prostate Cancer
The specter of prostate cancer is a worry to many men. Currently, surgery is the primary medical treatment; and is often the only option presented. However, where prostate cancer is concerned, there are definitely some facts you need to know before you consent to any surgical procedure. more...

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)
Since this condition is silent, what should you watch for? Early symptoms include: urinating more frequently, especially at night; difficulty beginning urination; urinary stream that's weak or thin... more...

Oseoporosis. A Modern Scourge
You may be very worried about osteoporosis - given the media blitz for bisphosphonate drugs. But, are you aware of common medical interventions that result in osteoporosis? In this letter, I will discuss the most common prescription drugs that contribute to this problem. more...

Strontium Gives Strength
Widely used in Europe but much less so in the US, strontium reduces fracture risk. Strontium ranelate (SR), the most studied form, induces osteoblastogenesis, and has been shown to prevent and to reverse osteoporosis. more...

Case Profile

Case Profile (Men's Health, NVD)
"In April, 1991, 1 had a general physical by my family doctor (MD) who discovered an enlarged prostate with a possible nodule. He referred me to a urologist who arranged the first PSA test in June. This test revealed an elevated PSA the urologist recommended a biopsy to determine possible malignancy. After consulting with Dr. Richards, I had the biopsy which was negative. My urologist recommended follow-up visits to monitor my condition, but offered no treatment for the enlarged prostate.

"In late June, I started a series of treatments with Dr. Richards and took an herbal medication as prescribed by her. The reduced PSA (now below the normal range) appears to be strong evidence of improved health which I credit to Dr. Richards' care.

"I'm pleased to have found a source of quality health care at the Richards Family Health Center, one that is non-invasive and not drug oriented. I find the doctor and staff very helpful, caring and competent." --WT

And his prostate has returned to normal size too! NVD is the only technique I know that can accomplish this. --Dr. Richards