Men's Health

Peyronie's Syndrome

This condition is very disfiguring and causes a great deal of emotional pain and anxiety for men who are affected by it. The condition is one of scarring of the penis (the corpus cavernosum, to be exact) and replacement of the normal erectile tissue with scar tissue. There is also contracture of the supporting fascia, resulting in retraction of the genitalia.

While there is no known way to reverse any degeneration which may have already occurred, there are natural methods of treatment which have been successful in arresting the condition and halting the retraction of the genitals.

The treatment protocol consists of manually releasing the contractures and scar tissue, combined with NVD and diathermy treatments to aid in the formation of normal tissue. In addition to the physical, in-office treatment, there are supportive nutrients that will be prescribed so that, after therapy, the healing produces healthier tissue, not further scarring.

The physical treatment protocol has the following limitations:

1. You cannot expect to see a reversal of any degeneration of the corpus cavernosum which has already occurred. Any tissue which has already been destroyed will not regain normal architecture.

2. Therefore, after the course of therapy is complete, there will still be some erectile deficit. The degree of deficit varies from patient to patient and is dependent upon the severity of the condition which treatment is initiated.

3. The aftermaths of treatment are short-term innervation and fatigue (toxic release). You should schedule your treatments at intervals that allow recovery from each episode, yet close enough together to get ahead of the scar formation.

You can expect to see a halt to the advance of the scarification, a reduction in pain and a halt to further loss of sexual function, which is much better than any medical treatment.

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