Neuro Emotional Thechnique (NET)

NeuroEmotional Technique is a new name for an old concept: The body remembers past pain. We've all heard of "psychosomatic illness." Well, the mind and emotions do affect the body's ability to maintain its wellness. Psychosomatic expression is the way your body is able to call your attention to unexamined emotional issues. What a gift!

We each have the responsibility to ourselves to live as fully as possible. Part of what we can do for our own wellness is clear old blocks which are hampering our lives.

Neurophysiology has now established that each memory is a discrete sensory engram which is stored in a specific location in the brain. That sensory engram is linked to a specific body location, as well, the somatic expression of brain chemistry. In combination, the sensory engram and the somatic are termed a NeuroEmotional Complex.

The challenge has always been finding a way to access the somatic and link it to the triggering emotion. The key comes from ancient Chinese wisdom - that each organ in the body is related to a particular emotional pattern. Now we have a tool that allows us to focus the body's own healing powers with precision.

By finding the link between a particular site of pain in the body and the old emotional programming that triggers it, we are able to remove the somatic block, allowing you to fully heal old traumas.

After the somatic block has cleared, processing the emotional engram is much easier and clearer. In fact, I recommend that you continue the healing by journaling and working with a mental health professional to discharge the emotional energy.

Particularly if you have been working in therapy with an issue that seems to continue to recur time after time, NeuroEmotional Technique may be just the adjunct you need to finally break through the unseen resistance in your own body and achieve the breakthroughs you deserve.

You need not have emotional trauma, however, to benefit from NeuroEmotional Technique. Many chronic pain patterns are held in the body by NeuroEmotional Complexes surrounding events of which we may have no conscious recollection. Particularly if you suffer from the type of pain that nothing seems to help; or the type where you get a small amount of benefit and then the pain immediately recurs - NeuroEmotional Technique may be just what you need.

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Case Profiles

Case Profile (NET)
One day, the doctor suggested that my chronic back might have an emotional connection. I was somewhat skeptical; after all, I had spent years in therapy working through the pain of an abusive childhood. However, she said it was very easy to check and I was very tired of being in pain. She quickly located the emotional connection and the very issue I thought therapy had handled. Not only did the back pain leave, but an enormous, heavy gray cloud lifted off of my shoulders. It had been there all my life; I just hadn't been aware of it. Suddenly, the world was much brighter and my life has been much happier ever since.

Case Profile (NET)
Since he was a baby, R. has been unusually frightened by loud sounds, like thunder and loud bells. As he got older, he adjusted to most of the loud sounds he encountered on a daily basis. Then he was enrolled in a new school. R. had problems dealing with the new routine, the new environment and the school bells, which gave a different sounding "ring." At times he would become almost hysterical and he began experiencing headaches as well as stomach pains. So I brought him to Dr. Richards for NET. After ONE treatment specific for loud sounds, he had no more problems. Today, R. still has no problems with loud sounds. In fact, the only one with any complaints is ME, but only when he turns up the volume on his radio to maximum! --Mother of RT

R's case was one of my first experiences with NET It was exciting to see how well it worked and how long-lasting the results are. --Dr. Richards

Case Profile (NET)
"Several months ago, I was in for a regular treatment. I had indicated to Dr. Richards that I had a problem eliminating but my intestines didn't feel constipated. She asked if she could do NET, suggesting that I might have an emotional component related to this problem. I agreed, and after the NET was completed, I had an intense emotional release.

"Much of the anxiety I was holding inside had dissipated. The very next day I rested and felt very relaxed. Since then, I have never encountered the same problem. As a therapy intern, I would recommend it as an adjunct with other therapies one might be receiving." --LZ

Case Profile (Pediactrics, NET)
"J. has always had difficulty allowing anybody to touch his head, especially his eyes. During a regular chiropractic visit, Dr. Richards needed to make an adjustment on his eye muscles, but J. was very adamant that he didn't want her to touch his face.

"At Dr. Richards request, I allowed J. to have an NET treatment. Immediately J.'s anxiety about his eyes being touched went away. Interestingly enough, after the treatment, the area around his eyes no longer needed to be adjusted. --Mother of JT