Neurovascular Dynamics (NVD)

Do you have long-term unresolved digestive problems? Does your stomach never feel "quite right"?

Do you or a member of your family suffer from symptoms related to stroke?

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to deal with stress and avoid the illness that often follows it?

Now there is hope for all of those conditions -- and many more. Experience the healing and well-being that accompany treatment which is non-invasive, gentle and dynamic

All health is based on promoting and maintaining conditions within the body which are the most ideal for cellular metabolism. This means providing adequate food and oxygen which is brought to the cell by the blood supply in the capillaries. If there is any interference with normal capillary circulation the cells do not receive enough food and oxygen. The waste products of cell metabolism are allowed to accumulate around the cell for lack of movement of fluids to carry it away. Thus, in any type of injury or illness, the cells cannot function normally until normal fluid movement to and from the cells is established and maintained. Control of the movement of the fluids of the body is now accomplished by treatment of surface areas which contain special nerve associations.

NVD achieves results by correcting the disturbances of circulation to and from the organs and glands which are failing to work in complete harmony in the chain reaction of health. With this accomplished, the pain or distress that has been experienced, disappears.

Modern clinical research has established the existence of specific surface areas of the body which are closely associated with the internal organs and glands. These connections are embryonic. From the first moment of fertilization, the embryo pulses with a vasomotor pulsation, and every cell in your body continues this pulsation throughout life. Through the specific surface areas on your body, we are able to synchronize the cells' vasomotor pulsation, open the capillary beds and normalize circulation of body fluids to the internal organs, including glands and other tissues of the body.

Clinical observation has consistently established the necessity of proper timing of the metabolic sequences in your body in a state of health. When one organ overworks while another lags and fails to function up to normal requirements, a state of disharmony exists which sooner or later develops pain or other symptoms.

All organs and glands function in specific chain reactions. These reactions are regulated through nerves, blood vessels and intricate chemical sequences found on the membrane surfaces in your cells.Thus a delicate balance of all parts of the body must exist for the body to be in harmony (which is called homeostasis). Each part depends upon the other like the links of a chain. Frequently an organ or gland is profoundly influenced by an apparently remote gland or organ which plays an essential part in the chain reaction of that particular functional relationship.

Clinical experience has demonstrated the absolute necessity to treat each link in the chain reaction involved in any abnormal condition of the body, whether it be illness, trauma or surgery. When this procedure is followed, homeostasis is restored.Clinical results post-surgery have been exceptional -- speeding healing and convalescence. Balance and harmony are the key to health.

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Case Profiles

Celebrate a Miracle (NVD)

I want to invite all of you to celebrate a miracle with me. September 1994 will forever be a milestone.

On Friday evening, September 9, I got an urgent phone call - my nephew was in the hospital, and he was dying. Please come immediately.

I arrived to find him paralyzed, face twisted, unable to speak clearly and unable to breathe properly. In short, he had all the symptoms of brain stem stroke. Worse, he was conscious, lucid and terrified. His weakness had been progressing for days, and no one on the Urology Service seemed to be listening. They were exhorting him to "be a man. " I immediately began treatment with neurovascular dynamics (NVD) and was able to reverse or minimize many of the symptoms. For the first time in days, he fell asleep. However, he still had an infection, and the process in his brain stem was continuing.

The young doctor on duty was concerned, but he was clearly out of his depth. When I told him that my nephew had all the symptoms of bulbar poliomyelitis (which is the old term for aseptic meningitis of the paralytic type), his eyes got big as saucers and he said, 'I've never seen a case.' I advised him to prepare for the worst; my nephew was losing the ability to breathe. At 2am Saturday morning, the hospital transferred him to the critical care unit on the Neurology Service; at noon on Sunday, he had lost all control over his respiratory muscles and had to be put on a respirator.

The quality of care at the hospital was outstanding from the moment he was transferred to Neurology. They ran every test they could think of - searching for the cause. As of this writing, all the tests are negative. We may never know the source of the infection. They also hooked him up to seven or eight drugs to cover all the bases and fight the infection, regardless of what kind it was. The only positive findings are on the MRI's - multiple brain stem and spinal cord strokes. And, this is where the miracle begins.

Throughout the weekend, the situation was playing out on 2 levels: my nephew's critical illness and the resistance of the hospital bureaucracy to my efforts as his life-long primary physician. My sister and nephew stood firm in their insistence that I have access and give him care. I treated him with NVD throughout the weekend, regardless of who raised objections and barriers. Each time, I could see improvement in his neurologic deficits.

On Sunday, before the tube was inserted for his breathing, I did a specific cranial adjustment. As you might guess, that created an incredible furor among the doctors on staff. They thought I had killed him. Of course, when he was taken off the respirator about 40 hours later, those same staff members were flabbergasted. Based on the degree of damage in the MRI, they thought he would go irreversibly downhill after intubation. They never expected him to regain his ability to breathe, let alone recover with almost no deficits.

That has been the on-going story up to the date of this writing, September 29. The neurologists have documented what they believe to be "irreversible" damage, yet my nephew continues to improve and regain function. They tell him he's a 'miracle patient." Based on the last MRI, they can offer no explanation why he's up, walking around and functioning. At the point when his improvement could not be denied, I was 'quietly" given "full staff privileges' so that I could treat him without interference. I don't actually know what that means, since none of the doctors have communicated with me directly; that's what I mean when I say "quietly." I didn't push it though; I had achieved the necessary goal.

Now that my nephew's home, I can intensify the level of adjustments and cranial care. I expect his neurologic improvements to continue. We're working in the area of the unknown, and no one can say with any certainty what's possible.

As for me, I had to face some very difficult moments. After all, I studied out of all the same medical textbooks as the neurologists; I knew the prognosis and knew how bad things looked for my nephew. However, I also knew I had tools they didn't have access to - there is no place in medical school for NVD or cranial adjustments. And, in the process, I've learned some very important lessons.

I've discovered that I have the courage to stand firm for what I believe - no matter what level of resistance I meet. I have even deeper assurance and conviction about the value of my life's work. And, I cannot begin to communicate the enormous gratitude I feel to my teachers - particularly Dr. Martin. Without my teachers I would not have known what was possible, and I would never have tried; and, the person who would have paid the greatest price would have been my nephew.

I also learned how important it is to stand up to the "experts." They don't always know. They, too, only act out of what they've been taught. If you don't know miracles are possible, you never reach for them. And, then, they never happen. --Dr. Richards


Case Profile (NVD)

The other day I went into the office (RFHC) for an NVD appointment after completing my ordination exams. I was wiped out, stressed out and out of whack. Overall, I felt depleted. "Basket case" would have been a good word to describe me. After an hour on the table after an NVD session with Melissa and the doctor and some amazing adjustments by Dr. Richards, I walked away a new person. With adrenal glands, kidneys and a rib back in order, I felt revitalized. The kinks and aches were gone! I had been complaining, limping and straining for days and suddenly I was relaxed and comfortable. Thank you not only for the excellent ongoing care, but for the compassion and humor that comes with it. --PK

If all NVD did was improve your organs' functioning, that would be pretty amazing. Not only does it normalize your physiology, but you end up feeling wonderful in the process. That's only one of the reasons I think NVD is such an invaluable treatment modality. --Dr. Richards

Case Profile (Men's Health, NVD)

In April, 1991, 1 had a general physical by my family doctor (MD) who discovered an enlarged prostate with a possible nodule. He referred me to a urologist who arranged the first PSA test in June. This test revealed an elevated PSA the urologist recommended a biopsy to determine possible malignancy. After consulting with Dr. Richards, I had the biopsy which was negative. My urologist recommended follow-up visits to monitor my condition, but offered no treatment for the enlarged prostate.

In late June, I started a series of treatments with Dr. Richards and took an herbal medication as prescribed by her. The reduced PSA (now below the normal range) appears to be strong evidence of improved health which I credit to Dr. Richards' care.

I'm pleased to have found a source of quality health care at the Richards Family Health Center, one that is non-invasive and not drug oriented. I find the doctor and staff very helpful, caring and competent. --WT

And his prostate has returned to normal size too! NVD is the only technique I know that can accomplish this. --Dr. Richards

Case Profile (NVD)

My body loves NVD. I routinely get a rejuvenation and feeling of well being from my treatments and it lasts. Most recently, I came to the office with debilitating nausea; I could barely move. This condition was totally alleviated with one NVD treatment. --LM